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Hydro-Mix VI

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Measuring in the Mixer

Reading at 25 times per second the sensor detects rapid moisture changes in the materials throughout the mix cycle.

Sensor Configuration

The sensor is configured remotely using the Hydro-Com diagnostic software. A large number of parameters are selectable, including the type of output, filtering characteristics, etc.

Sensor Response

The sensor response may be adjusted remotely using the Hydro-Com software to eliminate the effects of mixer blades and air voids within the mix thereby ensuring optimum performance for any particular type of mixer.

Replaceable Ceramic

Easily replaceable on site or by an OEM reseller, this is a fast and cost effective solution to minimize downtime and the inconvenience of a return repair.

Graphic Display

Using the Hydro-Com software (or when interfacing with other Hydronix equipment) a graphic trace may be viewed to assist in selecting the most suitable set up parameters. This information may also be used to determine the effectiveness of the mixing action and whether any adjustments to the mixer configuration are required.

Accuracy of Measurement

If required, a measurements may be calibrated to oven dried laboratory tests to an accuracy of ± 0.1%.

Synchronized Readings

The sensor may be programmed to read only after a given time period after receiving input from a proximity switch that detects a passing blade(typically). This facility is useful when the sensor is covered by material for only part of the mix cycle.

Sensor Output

Two modes of operation are selectable that change the sensor output. 1. Standard mode: The sensor provides both a digital (serial) and analogue linear output that may be scaled internally or externally. 2. Compatibility mode: The output simulates that of the previous range of Hydronix analogue sensors, and is used when replacing this type of sensor or when interfacing with the Hydro-View or Hydro-Control IV units.


The linear unscaled output requires calibration to provide a meaningful moisture reading. When the sensor is connected directly to the control system, calibration should be performed in the system, or alternatively using Hydronix interface/control equipment. The facility to internally calibrate the sensor using the Hydro-Com software is also available.

Temperature Measurment

Temperature output is available to provide readout of material temperature.


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