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Hydro-Probe II

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Measuring Flow

The Hydro-Probe II is designed to continuously measure the flow of material during batching. Reading at 25 times per second, the sensor detects rapid changes in moisture, providing a linear digital or analogue output.

Batch Average

The 'averaging' mode continuously provides the 'average' reading of moisture from the start of reading to any time selected - normally the closing of the hopper door. Averaging, bin empty alarms and signal processing are performed internally by a sensor.

Inclination of Measurement Face

Another unique feature is the 'angling' of the sensor face plate to the flow of the material thereby ensuring consistent compaction and flow characteristics over the sensor face, irrespective of whether the bin is full or almost empty. The normal angle for sand is 30 degrees but may be easily adjusted to suit the flow characteristics of any material.


One point technique enables the sensor to be readily calibrated on site. Further calibration points may be taken to ensure highest possible accuracy. The sensor may be internally calibrated using the Hydro-Com software, or the linear output may be calibrated within the control system or by use of the Hydronix Hydro-View calibration unit.

Matching Characteristics

Identical output characteristics for all sensors means it is now possible to swap out sensors without recalibration. A simple air and bucket of water test may be performed to ensure sensor is performing correctly.

Simple Power Requirements

The Hydro-Probe II may be powered from wide range DC supply. Multiple sensors may be driven from a single power source.

Temperature Measurement

Temperature output is available to provide read-out of material temperature.

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