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QuickLink Interface

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QuickLink Works with:

• QuickBooks, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Online
• Any version of Peachtree
• CompuCrete
• Many other accounting programs on the market (please call for full list)
Want a customized accounting interface for YOUR accounting program? Please call us.

Comprehensive Benefits

• No need for manual data entry
• Reduce duplication
• Reduce missing codes
• Eliminate communication errors
• Reduce delays on receiving ticket information
• Speed up receipt of payment
• Improve cash flow
• Less paperwork
• QuickLink uses the most up-to-date technology and secure connections.

Speed Up the Billing Cycle

With QuickLink, invoicing is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Cut down your billing time from days to minutes. Send out invoices DAILY and IMPROVE CASH FLOW.

Free Up Your Manpower

QuickLink seamlessly transfers delivery ticket data to your accounting software and eliminates the need to reenter data by hand. This opens up time for you to work on other tasks and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY.

Easy Data Transfer

Stop worrying about mismatched data. Stop scouring your customers and items, comparing them between systems. QuickLink will alleviate your frustration and ensure that your data matches.

You can export customer info, product and item info, pricing/ticket/job/project numbers and more from Sysdyne’s batch or dispatch programs. It works in reverse, too—import data from your accounting program into Sysdyne’s batch or dispatch.

QuickLink handles the “data entry” for you, which REDUCES HUMAN ERROR and gives you more confidence in your database. Also, when you update customer or item information in one program, all of the changes appear in the other.

Enjoy Flexibility

Generate invoices in whatever way suits your business. Group tickets by job, project, or customer. Create one invoice per ticket or from a group of tickets. Import single orders by day, week or month.

QuickLink will always prompt you to approve each invoice transfer before it takes effect, so you can MAINTAIN CONTROL.

Once you have imported the ticket information into your accounting program, you can still manually edit each invoice before printing.

Get Started

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