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Better solution

Compare the advantages of ConcreteGo's web-based dispatch to traditional centralized dispatch systems.

ActivityTraditional Central DispatchConcreteGo.com
Up-front investmentIT staff, server, dedicated dispatching computers/workstations, purchase of dispatch program with annual maintenance costs, SQL or other database, hardware and software such as VPN software/router, site licensing fees based on number of users/trucks, Internet access for all computers. Internet access for all computers.
ImplementationLengthy installation period typically lasting days even weeks as IT staff and vendor's tech personal install software onto servers, network all computers, test the network, make adjustments, load the program, make more adjustments.Log on to ConcreteGo.com, open an account and start dispatching right away.
Maintenance and upgradesAdditional charges from vendor for maintenance and upgrades, ongoing IT resources devoted to maintenance of server and network, addition and deletion of user accounts/computers/printers, IT staff redeployed to carry out upgrades, loss of time as upgrade is installed on each computer individually, disruption of work schedules.Performed by ConcreteGo.com at no extra charge. And with no work disruption or loss of time as upgrade applies to all computers at once.
Program accessRestricted to in-network computers and handhelds only. Prices rise as more computers are added to the network.Any web-enabled computer or handheld. Data protedted by https.
Payment flexibilityLarge upfront commitment, annual maintenance contracts, non-refundable license fees based on number of users, plants and trucks.Pay an annual fee per plant, regardless of number of users and trucks. No additional charges for any service. Cancel any time.

Easy Access for multiple users

ConcreteGo.com allows multiple users to access the system at the same time and perform different functions. For example, two or more dispatchers can enter orders simultaneously while managers check production figures, sales pepole confirm order fulfillment and customers view order status. What's more, you can pre-define the information that may be seen by different types of users.

Dynamic Order Entry, Scheduling and Ticketing

You can enter orders for immediate or future scheduling and dispatch on one screen. To speed up order entry, simply use an existing order as a template for a new one. A search function enables easy retrieval via date, plant, customer, order code or other variables. Each ticket can be formatted to meet customer needs. Dispatchers may choose to stack tickets to batch computers or send the tickets to one or more remote printers. Orders can be rescheduled instantly based on data contained in the batch ticket, leading to better truck productivity and on-time delivery.

Flexible Integration

Through Universal Link, the dispatch program integrates with batching computers to allow dispatchers to transfer mix designs and extract batch weights. ConcreteGo.com also interfaces with accounting software such as QuickBooks and PeachTree, as well as your custom accounting and truck tracking programs.

Real-time Management Reports

The system generates numerous reports in various formats. Reports may be customized for different groups of users who have different information needs. Reports are available through periodic emails or online printing, and can be exported to Excel for deeper analysis.

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