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  • Automatic and manual control for batching 2 cements, 3 aggregates, 4 admixtures and 1 metered water; 1 cement aerator; 1 cement vibrator; 1 aggregate vibrator; conveyor; 1 cement scale and 1 aggregate scale; discharge boot; horn
  • Inventory tracking for all materials on manual and automatic batches
  • Material ship-in history
  • Records batch weights of manual and automatic batches
  • One moisture probe interface
  • Layered passwords for better access management
  • Daily automatic data backup
  • Order entry
  • Job scheduling
  • Ticketing with flexible ticket format
  • Print ticket to laser or inkjet printers
  • Batch weights for review and print
  • Unlimited data storage for batch records, mix designs, trucks, jobs, customers and projects, etc.
  • Filtered data retrieval for any give period of time
  • Wash water compensation
  • Management reports to track production by plant, mix, truck, driver, salesman, load, customer and job for the time period of your choice
  • Estimate of material requirements for future jobs
  • Admixture line clear feature


Sysdyne® batching system software, a Windows XP® based batching software with client/server database that allows better data sharing.


  • Full manual control panel that also functions as the junction box
  • Control PC with
    • Windows XP® operating system
    • Minimum 2GHz CPU, 256MB RAM
    • 80GB Hard Drive, CD ROM
    • Two audio speakers
    • 1 parallel port, 1 serial port
    • USB ports
    • Ethernet card
  • 17” flat screen LCD monitor
  • OKI Microline 186® dot matrix printer
  • Analog to Digital signal converter
  • System wiring list and schematics
  • Operator’s manual

Physical Specifications

  • Manual control panel/ Junction box: Junction box: 21” X 25” X 8” (W-H-D)
  • Power Requirement: 110VAC

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