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The most economical all-in-one solution. Scout's flexible design has made its application in
  • Dry batch plants
  • Decumulative plants
  • Precast/Prestess plants
  • Block plants
  • Pipe plants
  • Asphalt plants

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The most comprehensive product with unsurpassed performance. We have tailored TrailBlazer for following applications:

  • Dry batch plants (accumulative and decumulative)
  • Wet batch (Central mix) plants
  • Wet/dry combination plants
  • Precast/Prestress plants
  • Block plants
  • Pipe plants
  • Asphalt plants

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EZ Upgrade

Good news to all Sysdyne and ACT users: now you can upgrade your existing DOS system to the Windows XP based product with a price you can't reject. The upgrade is as easy as plug N' play! No down time, no wiring hassle, no third party personnel/purchase required. The DOS data can be exported to the Windows computer seamlessly. You will be up and running in no time with a state-of-art new batching computer that we will be able to support them as long as Windows operating system is being supported!

More good news to all users who want to upgrade the batch panel! We now can upgrade other companies' batch panels with our Windows program. With half the price and half the time, you will have a whole new true Windows batching sysem. And we will take full responsibility for the support of both hardware and software once they are upgraded. Please give us call for details.

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