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  Beyond computer asisted dispatch

Beyond computer asisted dispatch

1/30/2008 9:48:32 AM

The emergence of new technologies allows business to be more efficient and competitive. On the other side though, they compel them to be more flexible and mobile. The ability to use IT strategically to achieve efficiency is crucial. Moreover the need for the facilitation of business transactions such as sales, dispatching and distribution has looked on to technology to improve these needs. Due to the fast paced marketplace and rising competition, there is an increased emphasis given to business continuity and how emerging technologies can provide solutions to overcome its challenges.

Today, nearly all industries are undergoing massive change. A major technology trend that is changing businesses and will definitively revolutionize the concrete industry is Web-based Applications. If implemented in concrete plants, applications over the Internet would allow managers to keep an eye on their businesses from virtually anywhere; while tracking sales, stock, dispatching and accounts, as well as accessing real time information.

Web-based applications provide all the functions of a computer system without the hassle of purchasing expensive software, or equipment. They truly are a new and innovative approach to developing and deploying flexible business applications.

Traditional applications within the concrete industry take care of functions such as scheduling, accounting, reporting and tracking; having these advantages delivered through a web-based service would allow any plant manager to have access to all their resources anywhere. A web-based system allows easy migration from a legacy system, as the language (html, php, etc) is understood by most computers; it also facilitates integration of business functions without having an IT specialist dedicated to the system the whole time. Most web-based applications are designed to have easy to use interfaces, so training time and effort are minimal.

Having access to these advantages from an online application would offer the possibility to: Improve company focus on its core business, reduce operating costs, liberate resources for other purposes, innovate, lower risk, achieve a better alignment with company strategies and thus become more competitive. Adoption of latest developments in technology also provides the plant skills and experiences that can be used to expand their business or provide new services to their clients.

ConcreteGo.com, the new web-application developed by Sysdyne, will be launched next March 08 at CONEXPO in Las Vegas. ConcreteGo.com will be introduced as a Dispatching software, that promises to deliver not only dispatching functions but also in the long term to become an ERP system that will integrate data and processes into a unified web-based system that will take care of:

  • Financial and accounting systems
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Operations and Logistics Systems
  • Sales and Marketing Systems

ConcreteGo.com is designed to be an easy to use system that provides a solution for the constantly rising challenges in an increasingly demanding concrete industry. Sysdyne’s ConcreteGo.com can be acquired without a big upfront investment or a long term commitment. For more information or to download a brochure and trial version go to sysdynecorp.com.

Sysdyne counts on a well established reputation after being in business for 30 years; they recently ranked #1 on Customer Service and Product Quality in the 2007 Hanley Wood Batching Systems poll. As the Concrete Industry bases new product acquisition on customer’s satisfaction as well on happy and long-lasting vendor-customer relationship; we can say SYSDYNE is in a very good position to launch its new product right now.

We look forward to see SYSDYNE’s next generation of web-based solutions for batching plants at work.

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